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From The Heart To Your Face EP

Written by: PP on 18/04/2013 22:56:56

Muscular, ferocious, uncompromising. Three words to describe the latest four track EP "From The Heart In Your Face" by Dutch hardcore band Manu Armata, who read Terror, Strife, Hatebreed, and Madball among their primary influences at least if their sound is anything to go by. But where Madball are New York Hardcore to the bone and Hatebreed can be classified as moshcore, Manu Armata lean their direct and in-your-face approach strongly towards hardcore punk, given the breakneck speed tempo that most songs are delivered with.

Tight riffs, yelled vocals, and stereotypical hardcore are three more descriptions one might attach to Manu Armata's sound. It's nothing you wouldn't have heard before in the genre, but yet their relentless pace and aggressive songs contribute to a sense of attitude and honesty that pull them above the boring monotone hardcore bands you sometimes run across. Their vocalist has a tendency to fiercely spit out his vocals, which gives his style character, even if it does sound almost indistinguishable to some of the big name vocalists within hardcore.

In the end, Manu Armata don't bring anything new to the genre, but deliver a decent EP that's pumped up in steroids and adrenaline all the way through. Nothing to write home about, but good enough to avoid other criticism than lack of identity versus other bands in the genre.

Download: From The Heart In Your Face
For the fans of: Terror, Madball, Strife
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Release date 23.12.2012

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