Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies

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Volbeat is arguably one of the biggest things to come out of Denmark since Aqua and I am pleased to see that at last, quality Danish music is garnering good results abroad. Volbeat's winning combination of rock 'n' roll and heavy metal is ever-expansive, and the versatility on their new album "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies" is bound to cater to both new and older fans. Volbeat released their first record in 2005, but it is their sophomore record "Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil" that had them break through to the mainstream audience, Volbeat was not only played at Copenhagens beloved rock club, The Rock, but also through The Voice, the radio watering-hole for everything mainstream. 2007 also saw Volbeat perform the wettest Roskilde Festival in history, despite the unbearable rain and thunder that night, Volbeat opened the famous Orange Stage to a full audience, thus their dedicated following had been assembled. This year, Volbeat continues the tradition of playing "rock 'n' metal" with crystal clear influences of both Johnny Cash, James Hetfield and the king himself, Elvis Presley. Despite Volbeats obedience to legends, their music has an original tone, and singer Michael Poulsen's hearty and powerful vocal chords are a perfect match.

Their third album is characterized by a combination of heavy tracks and highly melodious rock songs. The album opener is an instrumental sounding like the opening to a raunchy western, the tone is dry as sandpaper, and new lead guitarist Rob Caggiano, former member of the legendary Anthrax, brings his songwriting skills to the table. An early highlight of the album is "Pearl Hart", clearly a story of a shady lady in trouble with the authorities, the song is catchy and melodious with a punk edge that proves Michael Poulsens love of Social Distortion. "The Nameless One" is a riveting track containing some of the best lyrics Volbeat has yet to accomplish. "Dead But Rising" is one of the heavier tracks of the records, with clear Metallica influences, Jon Larsen's drumming is insistent and driven. As a personal favourite "Cape Of Our Hero" is the type of song that will stick with you, a melodious masterpiece anchored by Poulsen's vocals. The album also contains some guest appearances, the first being the thrash metal thumper "Room 24" which features the famous King Diamond, who brings a dimension of horror to the palate, the track is eerie and deathlike, but that's what makes it so good. "Lonesome Rider" is the polar opposite, it's light, swingy, and funky. It features the vocals of Sarah Blackwood, making the song a refreshing rock duet. Yet another punk addition grabs the listener attention in the form of "Lola Montez", the song also contains some great solo work by Scaggiano. The album culminates on a heavy note, properly signalling that Volbeat have not forgotten their heavy metal roots.

Volbeat's massive success is no surprise to me, their versatility and inkling towards writing memorable melodies can make the most 'heavy metal-phobic' person headbang in glee, but yet also please the person with a narrow-minded catalogue of interests in metal. Although the album does not contain songs as immortal as "The Gardens Tale" from their second album, it does continue the great tradition of "rock 'n' metal" that Volbeat execute ever so strongly. "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies" is a great album, so get your hands on it and let yourself immerse into rock 'n' roll nostalgia and good vibes.


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Release Date 05.04.13
Puk Studios and Baby Factory

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