Age Eternal

Written by: MY on 01/04/2007 15:16:47

Those of you in the know will already have heard of, wept to, and contemplated various acts of extreme aggression, inspired by a band called YOB, one of the heaviest and most all consuming acts ever to claw its disgusting, slothful behemoth out of the beautiful state of Oregon.

Middian is the natural progression from that outfit. Mike Scheidt is still very much at the helm of this new group but the vibe is kicked up a bar or two. There are still very much of the moments that defined YOB, huge chords and crushing violent drums, but the whole picture has taken on a very different hue.

The first track "Dreamless Eye" is, dare I say it, catchy. The urgent riffing and pounding rhythms behind oddly appealing nasal vocals are reminiscent of overlooked 90s band God Machine. The arrangement is bordering on pop with the hook riff coming back just when you need it to then spiralling off into a bleak passage of sustained distortion and Neolithic grinding that would make Electric Wizard look up from their bong in respect.

The title track is the sound of a funeral procession for a Devil and is proof enough that fast as fuck and growling like a bear is not the only way to be efficiently devastating. As are "The Celebrant" and "The Blood of Icons" as well. The latter opens with a Katatonia style clean chorused guitar gently leading into an endless tunnel of absolutely inspirational melancholy and lead lined anti-groove, with Mike's fantastic melodic vocals spanning the entire journey.

Middian make a sound that is like being blasted into space, smashing through an asteroid field and smashing down on a desert planet with black skies, to consider all that is beautiful in life, alone, for an eternity...fucking awesome.


Download: Dreamless Eye, Age Eternal
For the fans of: Neurosis, Will Haven, Black Sabbath
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Release Date 26.03.2007
Metal Blade Records
Provided by Target ApS

(Written by Peter Theobalds)

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