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Every now and then the underground press seems to be completely divided over a band and their albums. The French metal act Hacride is one band that has received both praise and criticism for both of their albums. That being said, after a few listening times it is definitely possible to look at their sophomore album "Amoeba" from both viewpoints.

On one hand, they differentiate themselves somewhat from the traditional Americanized metal as well as the brutality of most UK metal. Their French background seems to have influenced them into taking a different approach to metal, with oddly placed pull-strings and strange time signatures at the forefront of their sound. "Vision Of Hate" and "Deprived Of Soul" are the two highlight tracks, both of which are atmospheric and heavy at the same time. The guitars don't follow the traditional chord-based heavyness, but never treach into Maiden/Metallica-like play on notes either, and instead dwell somewhere in between the two. The riffs are chunky and heavy, but they are also able to lead the way with hooks when the time is right ("Zambra").

But on the other hand, one could argue this isn't the approach one would want for metal. The vocals are still certainly harsh and powerful, and sway somewhere between growling and melodic screaming for the most part of the album. Despite the few highlight songs, there seems to be a lot of filler on the album, or tracks that just seem rather generic in comparison of the others. There are solos, but they don't sound convincing in terms of technicality and originality, and the whole atmosphere-based sound has been explored over and over in the last five years.

You see, the problem isn't that the songs aren't good, because the base-level Hacride has laid down on "Amoeba" is more than enough to gain them reward in the underground press. The underlying annoyance for me is that while I don't mind adding a track like "Cycle" to my playlist as a one-off, the album as a whole doesn't say much to me. The whole idea of wanting to be so different is so over-used that it in itself is starting to be generic. Only few bands are able to master this in a way that separates them from the grey mass, and Hacride isn't one of them in my opinion.


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Releas date 26.02.2007
Listenable Records
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