Cause And Neglect

Written by: SC on 16/07/2013 17:15:47

As the years go by the Danish metal scene seems to be ever expanding, which means that some bands disappear among the others, just like some bands fight back to not fade into oblivion. Three years has gone by since experimental death metal band Psy:Code released their beast of a debut album “Delusion” in 2010. Their uncompromising and rough soundscape, as well as their courage to take chances, showed that their version of metal music was not just another one of those that is set to fail.

Now Psy:Code is back with the difficult second release “Cause And Neglect” that takes off where the last chapter of “Delusion” ended yet the production has gotten a major face-lift. This means that the instruments and the vocals are now more polished, which on one hand allows the band to explore new expressions but on the other hand it removes some of the ferocity that was to find on the debut. The guitars and the bass are still tuned very low and gritty, yet more clean soli is allowed to accompany the constantly changing and challenging drums and the percussion-like harsh vocals - which spit the words out like it could have been Jens Kidman from Meshuggah.

Soundscape-wise “Cause And Neglect” is more voluminous than its predecessor and diversity is a keyword when it comes to this Psy:Code release. All the tracks have something different to them that gives them something extra. On “Trapped In Time: Stretched” for example, the melodic chorus is surrounded by chopping guitars and bass with complex drums in the verse which also reference Meshuggah and towards the end it contains a semi-slow guitar and bass jam that briefly brings my thoughts to Korn. Following track “The Sky Is The Limit “ is a slow and gloomy instrumental track that could have just as well been the intro to “One” from Metallica and it fits perfect in as a resting place in the middle of this hectic release.

Not only foreigners seem to have been inspired the writing process. Danish acts come in play on “Hellish Tensions” where the band draws parallels to some of the later and more death metal oriented releases from Hatesphere and on “Above” where a more industrial approach sends thoughts to The Interbeing. All these references make the album much more interesting to dive into because you get a smile on your lips when you recognise something and it never ends up as a tribute record since all these sources of inspiration are embedded in Psy:Code’s own universe and do not let them be a controlling factor.

But as mentioned earlier, I will still claim that some of the ferocity has gone with this fine production. Where the old record was scraped in it expression ”Cause And Neglect” is more artistically made, which of course makes it so much deeper yet it puts a damper on the monster Psy:Code released last time. I think that this choice of change in soundscape will bring a longing for the old style from some of the fans, however, it will probably encourage even more to want to check this out because it is way easier to listen to, and it allows a whole new depth. And as a whole this record is a big step up towards the broader metal scene for these guys.


Download: Trapped In Time: Stretched, Hellish Tensions, Above
For The Fans Of: Hatesphere, The Interbeing, Raunchy

Release Date 10.06.2013
Target Distribution & Mighty Music

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