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Written by: PP on 03/09/2013 22:54:32

What the...? Am I listening to a long-lost Millencolin record from the golden 90s days? No, but in all seriousness, Point Of View from San Jose, CA have a vocalist that sounds almost identical to the spirited and energetic wide-open vocal style of Nikola Sarcevic, even if their instrumentals don't necessarily sound all that much like the Swedish skate punk legends. Instead, they source from a combination of famous light ska punk bands as well as from the ska/reggae songs from NOFX's repertoire, and they do a mighty fine job at translating their influences into a convincing and memorable sound overall.

"Burner" EP contains five tracks of 90s skate punk blending into straight up punk rock and the occasional ska riff here and there. The title track opens the record with a laid back, light ska punk lead melody, before "Home" goes into a more polished, alternative rock-esque direction straight after. Both styles work equally well for the band, thanks for solid songwriting that remembers to drop in a catchy chorus, a solid drum roll, or a quick riff build up where necessary. But most of all, it sounds a hella lot (sorry, couldn't resist) like Millencolin from when they released their classic albums, which is an absolute positive in my ears.

Out of the five tracks on the record, there isn't a single weak one. "America's Finest" is probably the catchiest and instrumentally most interesting, but at the same time "Home" and "U-Turner" are also ones that had me singing along during the chorus melodies. If you're looking for sunny, bright skate punk with a touch of ska in the mix, don't pass on Point Of View. "Burner" promises great things in the future for this band.

Download: Home, America's Finest
For the fans of: Millencolin, NOFX, Less Than Jake
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Release date 29.03.2013
Hella Mad Records

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