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Written by: EW on 04/09/2013 10:22:58

Now residing in Germany by way of Brazil, "Sacrifice" is the debut EP from Incarceration and I hereby declare it is bloody brilliant. With a classic '-tion' style name the band reside squarely in the old school death metal category on this EP, their second release only since a 2010 formation, feeding off a mixture of the classic Swedish DM sound (Nihilist, Unleashed) and the more extreme end of thrash (early Slayer, Sepultura and Dark Angel come to mind) with the result sounding approximate with Angelcorpse but with a level of spite and aggression all of its own. Short-release EPs can often make do without the variation needed to make an album great, and while "Sacrifice" does vary the ante in these brief 10 minutes, the sheer force of will creates a claustrophobic density of riffs and a surreal punch in the face that leaves you wanting more at its conclusion.

Shortest of the three tracks, opener "Forsaken and Forgotten" blends Unleashed-esque groove with a grinding tendency that brings to mind the almost totally unknown but equally brilliant EP from Terror (the short-lived before-they-were-famous supergroup of Jon Nödtveidt, Adrian Erlandsson and the Björler brothers in the early 90s). "Sacrifice" is more straight-up Sadistic Intent, early Sepultura death metal set around a crushing rhythm riff in its middle, during which the reverberatingly hoarse vocals of Daniel Duracell are exposed. By way of judgement they sit perfectly with the level of aggression on display - audible, aggressive yet controlled. "Cemetery of Lies" wastes no time in getting down to business with a swirling riff leading the onslaught of vocals through the song's three minutes, no thought of respite entertained.

Whether this promise carries into their first LP remains to be seen but Incarceration have made a start here no fan of old school death metal should reject. Hurry up though if you want the vinyl or cassette editions, naturally they are very limited in quantity.

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For The Fans Of: Unleashed, Nihilist, Angelcorpse
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Release date: 16.08.2013
F.D.A. Rekotz

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