Fear The Sirens

The Ruins We Used To Call Home

Written by: PP on 10/09/2013 21:44:17

Four records down from Indelirium Records and I'm beginning to view the label as a potential powerhouse within hardcore and metalcore genres in Europe. So consistent is the quality of releases they've sent our way from a roster of mostly Italian bands ranging from metalcore and straight-forward hardcore to anthemic melodic hardcore bands like the group dissected in this review, the Rome, Italy based Fear The Sirens and their debut album "The Ruins We Used To Call Home".

Look in the direction of It Prevails, Misery Signals, Counterparts, The Ghost Inside, and many, many other stalwarts within melodic hardcore and you're not far off from Fear The Sirens. They also rely on similarly ambient guitar melodies and huge lead riffs flying above a primarily hardcore-rooted sound, and screamed vocals that are as decipherable as they are thick and smooth in the soundscape. As an added twist, however, the band throws in moments of pure post-hardcore where the screams turn into scratchy vocals that reach towards the higher end of vocal ranges. It's not much, though, and these passages function more as added flavoring and variety to the soundscape than as driving forces behind the whole mix. Instead, the key factor that makes Fear The Sirens so enjoyable is their relatively high tempo approach to their music, that often leads into d-beat sequences where the melodic screams and guitars really come into their own.

Of course, "The Ruins We Used To Call Home" is an extremely derivative album in the sense that it sounds no different from the genre heavyweights from the US and beyond. At the same time, however, their expression is delivered with confidence and a sense of urgency; with catchy songwriting that on occasion challenges the best bands in the genre; and without the need to resort into all too many meaningless breakdowns. That is to say, their dynamics are in order, and when you've got that, catchy songs, and great scream/clean vocal duo - hell, who cares if you don't sound particularly original.

Download: Till The End Of Days, Odissea, This Is War
For the fans of: It Prevails, Misery Signals, Gateways, Counterparts
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Release date 28.12.2012
Indelirium Records

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