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The Best Damn Thing

Written by: PP on 19/04/2007 15:38:06

Chances are that by now you'll have heard the annoying as heck upbeat pop rock anthem "Girlfriend" from Avril Lavigne's new album "The Best Damn Thing". Chances are also that you've been pulling your hair or banging your head against the wall in frustration of major labels still having not learnt to sign talented artists and dispose of the crap, and by crap I mean turd 'artists' like Avril Lavigne, who single-handedly brings shame to the otherwise incredible music scene of Canada. But hey, even I can admit that "Girlfriend" is pretty god damn catchy, despite its bubblegum-pop vibe and the ridiculously moronic lyrics ("I'm like, so whatever....hey hey hey you you you I want to be your girlfriend hey hey hey..."). It's just too bad the whole album was presumably written by marketing gurus with 12 year girls (and their parents' wallets) in their mind.

The whole major label formula shines through "The Best Damn Thing" clearer than a sun through a window without curtains. There are two or three songs that are destined to be the singles without question, because they are upbeat, three-chord driven and stupendously catchy. The remainder is filler, songs you will never ever listen again after the first listen. They are crowned by the ultra-boring acoustic ballads that sound like they were written by a 10 year old just starting with the acoustic guitar, and even some Gwen Stefani-like RnB songs.

They way this album depicts Avril is that she's nothing more than a stupid pop singer with one or two okay tunes (which is more or less right). The production and mixing desk has placed massive focus on the vocals, and blended the instruments into the background where they can hardly be heard clearly, which is probably a smart decision given how little substance they contain.

The only purpose "The Best Damn Thing" serves is to sell a million copies to secure a profit base for the label. There is no passion, no honesty on this album, absolutely nothing that would indicate this would be genuine instead of just a cash-grab for the label. Like Avril herself puts it on the aptly titled "I Can Do Better": "You're a waste of time, I'm sick of this shit"


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Release date 17.04.2007

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