The Few And Far Between

Written by: PP on 23/09/2013 18:55:19

Two words. Cancer Bats. Or maybe Trash Talk. Either way, Vanna has stubbornly refused to form an identity for themselves over the years which has always cost them points in our reviews. That is also the case with their fourth album "The Few And Far In Between", which basically dabbles in the same hardcore punk meets metalcore spectrum as the two aforementioned bands do on their records. That is to say, the result is an anonymous, generic hardcore sound on record, that quite possibly explodes into life in a live environment, something the band hasn't been able to capture on record in the past, and doesn't do so this time around either.

Every now and then the relentless hardcore pounding is contrasted with a few catchy clean vocals, such as on "Year Of The Rat" and on "The Weekly Slap In The Face", but these moments come few and far between (heh) the one-dimensional and monotonous hardcore expression that otherwise dominates their expression. Screamed vocals, down-tuned riffs, and an avoidance of breakdowns is the name of the game, but even the latter which normally is thought of as a positive aspect doesn't help Vanna to distinguish their sound whatsoever. With almost no variation in the screaming, or the instrumental landscape, "The Few And Far In Between" basically comes in one ear and leaves out the other. It leaves only one impression behind: that these songs could, quite possibly, be played with passionate energy live and therefore incite a strong dynamic in a live show worthy of some praise. It's just too bad this type of music very rarely works well on record. Too anonymous, too few points of interest for this to matter in the grand scheme of things.


Download: Year Of The Rat, The Weekly Slap In The Face, His Heels
For the fans of: Cancer Bats, Johnny Truant, Trash Talk, Trap Them, new Gallows
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Release date 19.03.2013
Artery Recordings

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