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Growing Young EP

Written by: BV on 06/10/2013 19:13:25

Dirty Thrills is a completely new name to me, but having read a little of the buzz surrounding them at the moment, I decided that I needed to have a go at them myself, when their debut EP “Growing Young” was sitting ever-so-neatly in one of our promo-lists. The foursome from London, consisting of Louis James (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Jack Fawdry (Lead Guitar), Steve Corrigan (Drums) and Jamie Hopkins (Bass) plays a dirty variant of blues-rock – drawing from the desert-rock inspirations as well as those of the slightly gritty southern rock music.

With album opener “Shivers”, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind as to what is going down. The rambunctious opening riff alone seems to scream southern-tinged boogie-rock to high heavens and the increasingly impressive vocal work of Louis James rings with a particular grace that usually only befalls a trusted few singers. This, coupled with the impressively tight group-dynamic within the band bodes for a superior listening experience that is remarkably impressive for such a ‘new’ outfit – having only been around since October 2012.

Album highlight, the title track “Growing Young”, rings with a slightly heavier sort of grace that is reminiscent of both Queens of the Stone Age as well as Milestone – a contemporary outfit that seems to draw on many of the same inspirations. The increasingly impressive guitar work of Jack Fawdry only comes off greater on those quirky little passages where Fawdry and James seem to duel in tonal prowess in the best 70’s styling – with both the guitar and vocals going ‘du-dudu-du-dudududu’ in an attempt to seem playful and vibrant. A successful attempt, I might add.

As we reach “Drunk Words”, the unnervingly solid foundation laid out by the remainder of the tracks seems to get drawn down a bit by the sheer downplayed attitude of the track. As it is neither as vibrant, nor as thrilling as the other tracks it is only natural to view it as a sort of low-point of the album. In some essence, that would also be true as the track seems somewhat more thoughtful, introvert and kind of melancholic. But that is also a sign of strength as it serves to produce a more varied soundscape throughout the four tracks of this EP.

In essence, this is an extremely promising EP that will hopefully mark the first release of many with this high level of songwriting. Dirty Thrills, you have my attention.

Download: Growing Young, Shivers
For The Fans Of: Milestone, Queens of the Stone Age, Alabama Black Snakes
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Release Date 07.10.2013

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