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Harmful could have been put some more thought into their name if they wanted people to recognize them as an alternative rock band. After having reviewed dozens of death and doom bands with harm somewhere in their name, I was ready to write the band off as 'just another boring death/doom act' without prioritising their review any further. Luckily for them, out of sheer curiosity I checked out "Old Mistakes", and since then the band has moved significantly up on my review list and has even guested my regular playlist rotation a good couple of times.

Harmful brings a refreshing change to modern world of music where ultra-metallic riffs dominate one half, and gutless indie "musicians" dominate the other half of the musical spectrum, you have to be either ultra technical (and heavy) or ultra soft today to get noticed. Maybe that's why a solid alternative rock song like "Old Mistakes" sounds so refreshing today with its ballsy riffs and soft melodies in the vein of Queens Of The Stone Age. You've even got acoustic ballads paying tribute to legendary Oasis. "Tension" brings tears in the eyes of a 90s revivalist like myself.

Bands like Audioslave and Pearl Jam thrive on the pleasantly arrogant voices of their vocalists, the same kind which is also displayed on the Harmful album, giving the songs some attitude and an extra level of depth. Vocalist Emirze masters the art of varying the pitch of his voice to fit with the instrumentals in an admirable fashion.

Overall, "7" is a solid alternative rock effort. It isn't filled with hooks or unnecessary heavyness, it's just straight forward rock for those who are in the need of a change from the bipolar music world of today.


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For the fans of: Queens Of The Stone Age, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam
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Release date 15.02.2007
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