Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep

Written by: DR on 22/10/2013 11:53:58

Out of Marseille we have Monochromie, the musical project of Wilson Trouvé. Following his 2012 debut "Angels and Demons", "Enighten Yourself While You Sleep" is his second LP so far. He draws from post-rock, noise rock and ambient music along the lines of Brian Eno, Mono and Sigur Ros, and does so confidently as this LP offers an impressive amalgamation of the three styles.

"Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep" offers a hazy yet warming sonic blanket in which you can wrap yourself for its 45 minute run-time. Although it has nine separate tracks, it's meticulously constructed and so deliberate in its rise/fall structure that it attempts flows as one continuous piece, and generally succeeds in doing so. The compositions burn along at a steady, patient pace, using the swirl of effected guitars as the canvas on which various instrumental textures as added to create different dynamics and colour in the listener's mind, steadily rising from quiet to loud as they grow in intensity. There are a few clear peaks in the record: the juxtaposition of "Birds Never Die" is masterfully composed as its wall of fuzzy guitar noise swells until its broken by the unassuming and melodic tapping of a piano. "Hymn", too, matches the dark with the light to great effect as soaring guitars are set against an ominous and powerful bassline. "Day and Night of a Scarecrow" is one of the most aggressive songs, and even approaches post-metal territory with absolute confidence through harsh walls of guitar.

The record is well-produced, capably executed and is successful in blurring the lines between instrumental guitar-driven genres, but the aforementioned songs stand out as being genuinely excellent on a record that's generally solid. "Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep", despite sounding a little self-aggrandizing, is nevertheless a fairly accurate title. It's not particularly immediate - as is typical for music of this ilk, it takes a few listens to grow on you - and you will need to wait for those moments of quality. But they are there, and they are more than enough to suggest Monochromie could create something that's consistently wonderful in the future.

Download: Birds Never Die, Hymn, Day and Night of a Scarecrow
For The Fans of: Brian Eno, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros, This Will Destroy You's "Tunnel Blanket", Lights & Motion
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Release Date 24.05.2013
Fluttery Records

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