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Abnormal Life Portrayed

Written by: MST on 25/10/2013 16:28:47

Inbreeding Rednecks are a Danish death metal band formed in 2008. They released an EP in 2009 and have been quiet since. The long break has given them time to write their first full-length album titled "Abnormal Life Portrayed". 33 minutes of grind-infused death metal inspired by the old timers in Suffocation as well as newer, more grindy bands is what awaits on the 9 songs on this album.

Right off the bat the band break out into a barrage of blastbeats, heavy riffing and growled vocals on album opener "World Of Haste". The musicians in Inbreeding Rednecks are definitely technically proficient, and while the production is of the modern kind it is the good kind of modern production as it leaves everything sounding crisp and nothing is buried beneath anything else. If I was to point out any issues with the sound it would be the vocals: they're decently growled vocals, but they're very monotonous and that gets a bit tedious with multiple listens.

Inbreeding Rednecks aren't trying to reinvent their genre, and listeners will find nothing surprising on "Abnormal Life Portrayed". This is not exactly a problem, as many bands play this simple style of death metal to great effect. Inbreeding Rednecks, however, do not present many interesting riffs or compositions on this debut album. The first half of the album is predictable and often gets repititive, with mostly uninteresting riffs and the monotonous vocals mentioned earlier. The second half of the album is a lot better; "Misery The Agenda" sounds fresh and has some catchy riffs and a nice chorus, and "Division Wreckage" even stands out from the rest of the album with a very melodic intro that doesn't sound odd among the brutal songs on the album.

Sadly though, the moments of greatness on "Abnormal Life Portrayed" are rare, resulting in an album with very little replay value. It's worth a listen for fans of the genre, but death metal has been done much better than this a million times, so Inbreeding Rednecks have hardly written their breakthrough album with this debut.


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For The Fans Of: Suffocation, Misery Index, Dying Fetus
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Release date: 14.10.2013
Target/Mighty Music

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