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Krumme Lanke EP

Written by: BV on 05/11/2013 19:11:19

Krumme Lanke is the name of one of those bands you really don’t come across that often these days – especially not if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Having first released their debut album “Op I Den Lille Sorte” sometime in 2012, this band seemed as foreign to me as it seemed intriguing. At first listen, the band seemed like a younger, slightly weirder version of Ibrahim Electric – coupled with a slightly wider set of influences ranging from exotica, over traditional jazz and into full-blown rock territory. Now, with the release of their self-titled EP, the Danish trio seems slightly more focused than on their previous effort – yet, somehow, the end result never feels quite as fulfilling as that of their debut.

Nonetheless, the opening track called “Manden” gives off a slightly experimental feel. Coming off as a set of songs interwoven with each other, the song seemingly retains a suite-like character reminiscent of the more progressive acts. Apart from that, it seems fairly straightforward to listen to, as the musical excursions never come off as too intricate for a casual listener to get into. It does, however, give off the vibe of three musicians that not only handle their instruments exceptionally well, but also seem keen on creating humorous sounding, yet somewhat complicated tracks that should appeal (on some level, at least) to both the jazzy crowd, as well as the guy that just wants something kind of smooth sounding to run in the background.

On “¡Perez!”, the sounds move toward the slightly more ‘lounge-oriented’ feel. The smooth organ tones and the dense, yet soft sounding guitar parts contrast each other nicely whilst the drumming keeps coming with a paradox-like stability founded in unpredictability that is both amusing, enthralling and vastly confusing. The incorporation of a choir consisting of very young children towards the end is, perhaps, one of the most amusing things I’ve heard in a while, as I catch myself in the act of smirking uncontrollably every time I hear it. These tracks aren’t meant to be regarded as serious works of progressive rock/jazz or anything like it. In honesty, I think they’re meant as an expression of what the band feels like playing at that certain time – giving in to occasional whims and impromptu decisions that are then, at a later point, re-worked into a functioning musical piece. – Which they do to a mighty fine extent.

Moving on to “Cubakrisen”, the tempo seems to slow down quite a bit. – Making the track somewhat perfect for those local bars and what not, where people tend to have a few drinks whilst quietly chit-chatting about everyday-life and all the qualms that come with it. As for its success on record, I would argue that it serves as one of the more ‘straightforward’ tracks on an EP that has some very technical sounds in the short span of a mere five instrumentals. All in all, I’d say that even though this EP is not on the same level as their debut album “Op I Den Lille Sorte”, this EP is still quite favorable for those that tend to seek out quirky, technical and, well, odd music in all shapes and sizes.

Download: Manden, Cubakrisen, ¡Perez!
For The Fans Of: Farmers Market, Ibrahim Electric, Capouches

Release Date 26.10.2013

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