Blood On Our Hands

Written by: PP on 03/12/2013 00:04:15

Well let's face it. Millencolin have been sleeping on the throne of Swedish skate punk scene and fresh blood is ready to take over. One of these bands that we've been following recently is Misconduct, whose sophomore album "One Step Closer" was a solid skate punk record three years ago, but lacked the melodies and catchy choruses to properly elevate their status into something bigger. "Blood On Our Hands", then, is a much improved effort, with big woo-hoo choruses, solid guitar melodies, and generally just better songs overall, that should help them contend against the heavyweights in the genre.

Basically, think back to "Pennybridge Pioneers" era Millencolin, and you're pretty much there, though with the occasional heavy riffs that recall Pennywise or other mid 90s skate punk bands. "Blood On My Hands" is one of the album highlights (featuring Roger Miret of Agnostic Front), taking you straight back to said scene with its fast riffs, alternating vocals between melancholic leads, and a gang shouted chorus, but really, you could just as well pick "Solution", "Ready To Go", or even "We Are As One" that precede the song as early highlights on the record.

But where the record is strong it is also simultaneously showing glimpses of its weaker side: it refuses to reinvent the wheel, so you have this constant nagging at the back of your head that you've heard these songs played better by bigger bands before. That said, Misconduct know how to nail a catchy chorus, and have enough tempo and energy in their songs for that not to matter in the grand scheme of things. A decent skate punk album, with a couple of big hits that help it raise its game.


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For the fans of: Millencolin, Pennywise, Wiseheimer
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Release date 13.09.2013
Strength Records

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