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Written by: PP on 03/12/2013 23:09:33

E'Nemia are a Danish metalcore band from Aalborg who have quietly building a following through a couple of EPs, the latest of which is the four-track release "Reflections" they put out earlier this year. They're still a band at a fairly early point in their career, so the self-released effort is bound to sound a little unclean on the production side, and could certainly do with some work to remove the occasional moments where the flickering sound of the bass pick dominates their soundscape, but yet there are still positive elements to be found on the record overall.

Opener "Sweet Release", for instance, is a fairly catchy metalcore track, channeling the band's inner Killswitch Engage influence, and probably also some impressions gained from fellow Danish metalcore group Contrition in the past year or two. Like the other tracks on the record, it features half-shouted, half-screamed lead vocals, albeit this department does need some work still as they are still coming across too nondescript and unvaried especially in the course of four different songs. The clean singing is a little better, but here too some more charisma and confidence wouldn't hurt the band - it sometimes feels like they're holding back a little for some reason instead of pushing all the way.

There are a few good riffs scattered here and there, but overall E'Nemia aren't doing enough just yet to justify placing them far high our average rating. In a genre as saturated as metalcore, you simply have to beat the competition to stick out; "Reflections" EP isn't bad, but it's not going to get the band discovered from the masses of other bands wielding Killswitch influence.


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For the fans of: Contrition, Killswitch Engage
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Release date April 2013

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