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Saltwater EP

Written by: MN on 12/12/2013 19:52:12

Having previously reviewed Apex Of Apathy's impressive debut record about 8 months ago, I felt inclined to see how this band may have evolved since then. Their debut "The Flying Machine" was a concept album where the record at times went astray in an unfocused direction, so having had time to synthesize their energy into a more embracing expression, my expectations had risen with this EP. This time releasing an EP of six songs, to my satisfaction, their recognizable dreamy sound still pervades the entirety of the release with a refreshing focus on instrumentals. There is a lot of maturing in "Saltwater" as their post-hardcore sound takes main stage and the pop punk influence takes backstage. Despite continuing in the general same frame, the debut contained more expressions of unadulterated melodious guitar playing not too far from what Coheed And Cambria managed with "The Second Stage Turbine Blade".

The album opener "Sleeping Pills" is pleasantly serene as the clean guitar interplay rings in delays, eventually being ascended from its sleepy nature by a thumping bassline that queues in "Somewhere Green", a song of escapist romance in the vastness of the deep ocean, pleasantly morbid as it hints towards death, yet with an uplifting tone. "The Chess club" brings back the pop punk tinged AOA that features a twangy dual guitar that ever so characterizes their sound, also features some guest vocals of Quin White. As long as they allow for this freedom in the guitar work, Apex Of Apathy remains unique and intrumentals and "The Whistler" proves their originality. It's a beautiful display of free flowing instrumentation akin to the works of Pelican and Explosions In The Sky.

Apex of Apathy provide both clean and harsh vocals from vocalist Adam Byrd who has a very strong clean vocal that soars beautifully above the soundscape. Occasionally I actually feel that the songs are too short and that they easily could have evolved even further, as if my plate was cleared before I had finished. Lyrically, Apex Of Apathy remain abstract in their emotive expression , but it is clear that they try to created a red thread "theme" to each release, this one with a setting based in the ocean as the album artwork also portrays. "Saltwater" is another EP with drive and and increased focus and it is clear that the Las Vegans have aimed for a less flighty expression. Nevertheless, I hope that they will continue to experiment in the future and not stray down some conservative pathway of maturity.


Download: Saltwater, Somewhere Green, The Whistler
For The Fans Of: Explosions In The Sky, Atreyu and Coheed And Cambria
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Release Date 01.11.2013

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