Worlds Scariest Police Chases

NOFX And Out Come The Wolves Dookie

Written by: PP on 17/12/2013 23:54:57

Worlds Scariest Police Chases might be the punkest band on the planet right now. Not only is their sophomore album called "NOFX And Out Come The Wolves Dookie", but they also open it with instant straight edge references during the first song "Blackin' In", singing "You're blackin' out, I'm blackin' in", before finishing the track off with anthemic "FUCK the man" shouts. And for the next 12 songs and 24 minutes, no subject is too sacred to be fiercely criticised through the piercing vocal work of 'Dirty Rock', whose delivery style is almost identical to the razor-sharp hardcore yell of the dude from Good Clean Fun. In fact, WSPC resemble Good Clean Fun remarkably much instrumentally as well, except this is no posi-hardcore, this is a statement against everything the punk rock scene stands for and much more.

Next song is about drinking on company dime - and I can't tell if it's being critical of drinking or the corporate douchebaggery that sometimes takes place when people lose touch with reality when it isn't their own money they're spending. Track four is called "Americunt" featuring a fierce anti-police message, followed by the absurdly offensive "Gay Jesus For President" that calls out God as a gay dude who does Jesus and Moses in the ass, while also offering some more serious commentary in the form of "If you don't take every word literally, this old ass literature, god's inspired word. You try to tell me god is love, his book is written half in blood. Worship him he's on your team, and if you don't he's pretty mean.". "Punk Rock Ruined My Life" kicks off with a riff that sounds like it's been borrowed from NOFX, before calling out "play for free if you're not greedy, go to the soup kitchen if you're that needy.", finishing off with an anthemic gang sing along " we would love to drive to your town and play for free. Bands that ask for money are not okay with me!". Punker than thou, that's for sure.

The snarly delivery of 'Dirty Rock' might not be for everyone, neither is the really unfriendly and anti-everything lyrical world of the band (yet I can't figure out if they're serious or not). But as for punk rock as an ideology in 2013? This is as real as it gets folks. That's also why there is a ton of hype surrounding this band right now. They are hilarious, offensive, and true to the original rebellious spirit.


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Release date 12.11.2013
A-F Records

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