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Listen To The Color

Written by: PP on 18/12/2013 00:11:30

For their fifth album "Listen To The Color", deathcore band Arsonists Get All The Girls have gone much more spazz and much less progressive deathcore in their sound. Where the band previously drew from elements similar to Between The Buried And Me, "Listen To The Color" throws the band head first into the world of electronically infused spazzcore, a horrific amalgamation of the worst elements from deathcore, mathcore, electronic hardcore and jazzcore (probably even more cores if you care to invent them).

But where bands like Rolo Tomassi are able to mesh those elements together in a way that actually makes sense, the vast majority of this album feels like stop-start sequences lazily copy/pasted after each other without much regard for actual songwriting. Yes, there are insanely technical passages, as well as moments where jazz ideas are brought in for a quieter part, but for very, very lengthy periods it's all about relentless deathcore pounding with electronics juxtaposed with chaotic instrumentation with no real structure to the songs whatsoever. There are two vocalists, one deep growling and one high-pitched, nonsensical screamer on top, and while this adds some variety to the mix, as a whole the record is hopelessly one-dimensional, consisting mostly of noise, noise, and more noise disguised underneath samples, themes from Mario Kart, piano interludes, and an overflow of dissonance, discordance, and pseudo-brutality that will almost certainly make our trusty metal scribe EW cringe inside.

Basically, "Listen To The Color" sounds like an album that would've been ultra-trendy and edgy just a few years ago, but what today feels like a retarded, underdeveloped child that's best served for people with attention deficit disorder than for actual music fans. For examples on how this style is done better, see HORSE The Band, Heavy Heavy Low Low, or Rolo Tomassi.

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For the fans of: Heavy Heavy Low Low, Iwrestledabearonce, War From A Harlots Mouth, HORSE The Band
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Release date 01.08.2013

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