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Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the northern hemisphere, and that alone means the metropolis spawns a thriving local alternative, rock and metal scene. Bands like Riseback are however determined to reach international attention through a clearly contemporary rock expression with English lyrics and radio friendly, melodic rock with clear metallic elements. Obviously, the rather outdated and down-right old fashioned discussion of a female-fronted rock band still reigns within the discussion of Riseback, at least the fact faces considerable emphasis in my fellow reviewers' work. My view is that the position of women in metal has long been solidified. It has been ever since Kittie-times and even before that. Furthermore, Angela Gossow completely immortalized women’s rightful and equal place with her inauguration in Arch Enemy. So, for a change, let’s not make this a gender debate, but rather discuss the success rate of a fresh band directly off the market.

Riseback is fronted by vocalist Riella Eskenazi, an individual with a soulful but very sharp rock-driven vocal reminiscent of Lacuna Coil's Christina Scabbia, but with a less gothic punch to it. Guitarist Ali Safa Uzun plays a clean and crisp tone complimented by a driven bass line by Koner Memili. The drums are none too complex as they are rock driven with the occasional progressive input that gives a sense of spice to an otherwise strong emphasis on melody. Their self titled debut contains nine songs and rings in at a little above 30 minutes. So whether or not this would be defined as full length is debatable, but it definitely gives a complete taster to what Riseback is all about. Songs like “Game Powered” and “Make You Real” introduces a very riff-driven rock-concoction where the vocals clearly take centre stage. Riella is a great singer that retires the flamboyancy and arguably superficial vocals of contemporary gothic metal bands. In return we get a more honest, determined and emotional expression. Lyrically, Riseback don’t impress me much, the potency lies in a successful vocal delivery. There are however exceptions such as songs like “My Treasure” and “Try To Say”, the latter being the ballad of the record that is one of the stronger tracks where some acoustic solo elements allow for some refreshing change.

To conclude, Riseback are extremely radio friendly, and for that reason I could predict a significant success, if not abroad then at least to the sizeable Turkish home crowd. Despite having clearly put emphasis on melody and uncompromised rock music, I still maintain that it lacks a bit of originality and innovation within the instrumental section, perhaps this is something we will see with their upcoming 2014 record, and based on the positive sides of this debut, I would not reject giving it a listen.

Download: The Criminal, Make You Real, Try To Say
For The Fans Of: Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Evanescence
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Release Date 20.07.2013
NoiseHead Records

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