Dying Fetus

War Of Attrition

Written by: PP on 17/05/2007 23:39:39

Dying Fetus has been one of the carrying forces of extreme death metal throughout their existence. Some of their earlier releases can in some instances be considered as classics within the genre, and consequently their sixth album "War Of Attrition" has been highly anticipated by many fans of the genre.

Essentially "War Of Attrition" delivers all that the fans expected it to deliver. It is as brutal as it is disgustingly low on the death metal grunts, and as instrumentally virtuoso as it is unconventional in song structures. It destroys you but at the same time it is not uncommon to find moments where the instrumentals just dazzle you with either their incredible speed and complexity or just their sheer organic chaos. The opening track "Homicidal Retribution" for instance opens with a riff I found myself humming earlier on the day as it contains an element of catchiness usually not found in the more extreme releases of this genre. There are even hardcore-inspired breakdowns such as in "Unadulterated Hatred", making "War Of Attrition" an impressively versatile album for a genre usually concerned with grunting and lack of melody.

In the end, the band's name says it all. If you are going to buy a record by a band called Dying Fetus it is safe to say you probably know what you are doing, and if this is your first time getting acquinted with the band, your initial impression is probably right. Nevertheless as far as death metal goes, "War Of Attrition" surpasses most in its genre in terms of originality, and more importantly, quality.


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Release date 12.03.2007
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