Det Vilde Kor

Written by: TL on 20/05/2007 02:14:09

No matter what you think of their music you have got to give some credit to Norwegian folk-rock/folk-metal ensemble Lumsk. I don't think I've ever seen a time, nor do I think I ever will see one, where the particular fusion of styles this band has made it their art to blend together, was in anyway trendy or at least popular in any underground culture. The band's lyrics are all in Norwegian and while on earlier records they were all collected from folklore, on "Det Vilde Kor" (The Wild Choir) they are lifted off selected poems from Knut Hamsuns' (a VERY influential Norwegian writer in case you didn't know) collection of the same name.

As this might hint, Lumsk sound entirely their own. Stine Mari Langstrands' vocals are silky and quite frankly angelic to listen to. Even if you don't understand a word, she will send chills down you spine when she easily masters the high notes and enthralls you when she seems to curl her words in other places. Instrumentally, the band at one time creates atmospheres so folk-ish, filled with violins and pianos, that you're gonna ask yourself what a review of their cd is doing on, however the strange moods on occasion shift suddenly but seemlessly into odd metallic progressions, effectively mystifying the listener. At first this only seems audible in the opener "Diset Kvæld", where the guitar and the violin actually dominate the track over the vocals, but as you pay closer attention to other tracks, you might notice that it's happening almost continously, in complex compositions weaved by the bass, drums and strings hidden underneath the more dominant piano.

However, on this particular effort, there is no escape from the fact that around 80% of the time, Lumsk sounds a lot more folk than they sound rock. Initially you're bound to find the oddity of their concept interesting, but after a short while, and when your fascination with the vocals wear out, you'll discover that there really isn't that much here that'll maintain the attention of a rock-fan - and that's what you are since you're reading this site right? In the end what this record shows us is that being different and having a unique concept is not enough to qualify as being good. Lumsk will probably keep you intrigued for a short while, but then you're bound to have your mind being attracted to more.. well.. attractive things.

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Release Date 26.03.2007
TABU Recordings
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