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That the newest album from German melodeath-squad Deadlock is a symptom of a transitional period the band has been going through is a highly likely theory. After almost ten years of existance and more than six of those spent collaborating with vocalist Sabine Weniger the band has finally added her permanently to the lineup, and seemingly taken a full step towards the ranks of countless other gothic metalbands with female vocalists. The new record "Wolves" however seems to be an indication that the band isn't quite content with standing quietly among the ranks of those bands after all.

After the theatrical LOTR-feel intro "World Domination" the metal kicks off with "We Shall All Bleed". The fast paced melodic death metal and growled out vocals at first remind me very much of Fall Of Serenity until Sabine's vocals kick in and.. Well let me put it this way; If you loved In Flames' collaboration with Lisa Miskovsky on the song "Dead End" you're gonna love what Deadlock are doing in this song and on the record as a whole as well. However, "We Shall All Bleed" is pretty standard in terms of composition and as an initial pointer, it doesn't hold that much promise.

This however cannot be said about the track that follows it. "Code Of Honour" commences with some pretty cool electronic effects and then kicks into a guitar riff that is so blazingly, balls-out, kick-ass, that it will give you an instant erection. Add then a constantly building momentum, perfect alternating female clean vocals and male growls and even more cool effects spicing things up underneath the dominating instruments and you have a track that pretty much pulls the rug out from under bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation and others like them.

From here on out it's all about grandeur from the band. Tracks like "Losers Ballet" see the use of some grand orchestration and Sabine taking some lengthy breaks in appearance, while "Dark Cell" is back to the more straightforward approach "Code Of Honour" also used. "End Begins" takes you on a tour through electronic atmospheres, frightfully heavy passages and melodic flights only to suddenly change into a techno passage. All being delivered in a surprisingly convincing fashion.

I could go on like this for a while, but really, all I want to say is that if you're interested in either melodic death metal or gothic female fronted outfits, you should check out the very interesting hybrid these Germans have put together. It IS a little rough around the edges, but it definetely holds promise for the future


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For the fans of: Fall Of Serenity, Nightwish,
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Release Date 16.04.2007
Lifeforce Records
Provided by Target ApS

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