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One For Sorrow

Written by: JWM on 16/01/2014 12:59:05

Though a bit common in their sound, the recently disbanded We Are Fiction had quite a bit to offer. And their first and only full length "One For Sorrow" is something of a good listen. From the opening power chords-turned-southern riffing of "Mansion House", through the very melodic "Bright Lights" and "The Worst Of It", this band is a copy of the alternative rock meets post-harcore influences that We Are The Ocean and Deaf Havana triumphed in previous years. "My Dreams Are Haunted" has a great Kids In Glass Houses feel to it, it's dynamic swing between delicate guitar-centric verses and soulful vocals and the powerfully melodic choruses has a good sound. And that prominent early We Are The Ocean-sound shines through with this record, sometimes they even venture in to heavier territories with "Tilt" and "A Thousand Places To Sleep", the latter featuring quite extended breakdown sections and a strong emphasis on screaming vocalist Phil Barker while the former has a guest feature from British Hip Hop artist Xidus Pain.

"One For Sorrow", as an album, is a great compilation of British alternative rock songs which are absolutely filled with youthful energy and there isn't a single song I would argue was bad. But there isn't a single song I could say stands out beyond this being an album to listen to whilst doing something else. The vocals of gravely screamer Barker and singer Marc Kucharski are commendable, as they show some young but none-the-less raw talent. However, the record is average sonically and offers nothing new, yet it arguably also doesn't do anything bad. All I can say is best of luck to any post-We Are Fiction ventures the members do.


Download: The Worst Of It; Sail On; A Thousand Places To Sleep
For The Fans Of: We Are The Ocean; Deaf Havana; Kids In Glass Houses
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Release date 18.11.2013

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