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You know, punk rock was never meant to be an emotional genre rather than a counter-culture of rebellion, an anger over social injustice and against political corruption, that sort of thing. That has of course changed since the beginning, quite massively so, but especially the last few years have seen a rising trend in what is essentially punk rock at heart but what embeds emotionally charged lyricism and emotional croons on top of it. Pentimento from Buffalo, New York are quietly establishing themselves as one of the key bands to know in this genre, having released two exceptional releases in the form of their self-titled album in 2012 and "Wrecked" EP back in 2011. "Inside The Sea" EP continues their evolution from a slightly gravelly, Hot Water Music styled punk rock band towards one drenched in self-reflective emotional outbursts of brilliance.

If the band started playing a style comparable to Polar Bear Club and even Make Do And Mend, then they've recently moved more in the direction of bands like Taking Back Sunday, though remembering to keep their soundscape in a similarly nostalgia-driven mood rather than the bright pop punk of TBS and their contemporaries. It's a curious mix of genres that makes it difficult to place Pentimento precisely into just one style - especially because they also have Brand New undertones on the new EP - but that's perhaps exactly why it works so well. Through solid instrumentation and interesting guitar melodies, the band ensure that their otherwise pure emo lyricism like "Is this all I am? Is this everything that I am meant to be?" on "Not So Young" can be taken seriously, because in all honesty it may have otherwise been in real danger of moving over into cliché territory. Much like Real Friends, who have absolutely exploded in the past year, it is the delivery that matters, and here Pentimento's vocalist Jeremiah Pauly excels. His lyricism is heartfelt and synonymous with emotionally charged, sung all in clean vocals with faint hints of nostalgia and yearning in his voice, always remembering to stress the important parts by absolutely exploding over the lyrics that mean the most to him.

Speaking of lyrics, a song like "Just Friends" really translates just how well they are penned, especially given their nuanced delivery that makes you really walk the song in Pauly's shoes, understanding his feelings very clearly throughout:

You walked in, expressionless. Cold like the space between your coat and your clothes. I'm in between deja vu and delirium, Remembering things that haven't happened yet. [...] And oh, the weight of the decisions that we make. The immediate gravity of everything. I don't think before I speak...what an empty attempt at a personality.

All four songs feature one or more such passages where you wonder why Pentimento isn't already on the tongues of everyone listening to emotional punk rock. Three releases down now, all of them solid with zero bad songs written makes me think Pentimento might just be the real deal. Get in now before their sophomore album will take them to places.


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For the fans of: Taking Back Sunday, Polar Bear Club, Hot Water Music
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Release date 22.10.2013
Paper + Plastick

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