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Written by: JWM on 18/01/2014 00:07:16

Looking back to 2011’s “Vagrants & Vagabonds” it’s a real surprise how Cheshire based Blitz Kids have evolved and changed. With a sound that fused very British indie rock and pop punk it’s no surprise they even featured Aled Phillips of Kids In Glass Houses on the record, whose band was a clear precursor to Blitz Kids. But with their new record “The Good Youth” they have gone with a new sound and a very new outlook on things.

And that new outlook is thrust upon you with the album's open track “All I Want Is Everything” where they looked objectively to their past and hopefully to their present. "When I was Born and raised, all I wanted was to feel the pain. I thought that everyone should feel this way, so I sacrificed my glory days". Its message clearly references to growing up emo, and the mindset of many in the sub-culture. What you will start to notice as you listen to the record is the "The Good Youth" is undeniably a pop record. Its catchy and simple guitar hooks mixed with dance beats are bolstered by string instruments, synthesisers, youthful gang vocals and a whole lot of memorable lyrical lines as icing on this extremely sugary cake.

Lyrically the band has produced something very impressive. Amid the emo-pop mannerisms, lies positive messages about succeeding for yourself and always keeping the faith and soldiering on. These songs are uplifting and powerful in their message and I’m sure will inspire thousands of young teenagers. But of course you have your more traditional emo-pop songs like “Sometimes” or "Sold My Soul" that have the same kind of angst attitude that You Me At Six or Paramore produced.

"Run For Cover" is a very Paramore-influenced tune. A galloping and simple pop punk introduction breaking into a giant wall of sound for the chorus and every verse from then on texturing more and more with different effects. And these influences can be their downfall, as they can be too obvious at times and can take away from the bands originality. "On My Own" and power-pop ballad "Long Road" would fit onto "Don't Panic" by All Time Low without an issue. While the flagship single "Sometimes" crosses the alternative rock style riffing of Twin Atlantic and Biffy Clyro with the pop punk of their aforementioned influences. "Keep Swinging", "Pinnacle", "Perfect" go into serious pop territory, akin to bands like Imagine Dragons, while the latter is inexplicably reminiscent of Maroon 5's "Payphone".

After the slow and anthemic outro of "The Sound of a Lost Generation" it begs the question if ”The Good Youth” will propel Blitz Kids to the next level. This will clearly challenge one splinter of their fanbase, who will argue they've gone too pop. But then you can see, in exchange for this, they have crafted a album with tight song-writing and impeccable production with the sound of the radio and dancy pop-punk that will help appeal to a much larger audience. Maybe this is not Blitz Kids' defining moment in their career, but it is a great listen for those who are fans of modern pop rock and the emo-pop explosion of many years ago.

Download: Sometimes; Long Road; Title Fight
For The Fans Of: All Time Low; Paramore; Panic! At The Disco; Fall Out Boy
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Release Date 20.01.2014
Red Bull Records

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