Walking Papers

Walking Papers

Written by: BW on 19/01/2014 17:47:30

I didn’t know a lot about this band until I saw them doing their thing before Alice in Chains performed at the O2 in Glasgow last year. What I also didn’t know is that this band has a fair share of rock legends involved, such as ex Guns N' Roses bassist Duff Mckagan and former Mad Season drummer Barrett Martin forming half the band (Mad Season had a few members of Pearl Jam in it before they became what they are now, in case you were wondering) as well as Jeff Angell and Benjamin Anderson making up the rest of this four-piece band from Seattle.

As debut albums go, it lays down a state of intent rather quickly by getting you into it with the slow paced and moody “Already Dead”. It kind of has an Audioslave vibe about it and is a nice starter to get you ready for the main course. Keyboards play an integral part of the album, but in a subtle way, as the first song proves, with it chiming chords in the background and in doing so adding an emotive extra layer. So, it starts off well then.

The gloves come off however with “The Whole World’s Watching”. This is a foot tapper in the richest sense of it. Deep bass, smooth vocals and a beat taken directly from any 70’s classic are infused throughout. There is a slight hint of White Stripes about it when you sit and listen to it, but it does grab you in a classic rock vibe.

One of the more interesting songs is “Red Envelopes” as it has a slow start with some leaning towards a jam session, but then suddenly it gets all fast paced and in some ways it has a Deep Purple element with that electric organ again coming into effect very well. What I really like about this band is that every part of it is well balanced. It never feels that one area overshadows everything else, which is just how you want it.

A standout song for me would have to be "Capital T". The bass is loose and enticing, guitar is sassy and sweet, just the way it should be and the drums give out that head knocking rhythm. It, along with Mr Keyboard give us a rock song with a lot of soul and that is exactly what you need rock songs to have - character.

It isn’t all perfect though, it has to be said. "The Whole World’s Watching" feels a bit weak and never seems to get going and “I’ll Stick Around” sounds like filler from the first few seconds and just can’t match the rest of the album. It’s almost like the band is trying to cover the genres and most of them work, whereas this one, for me anyway, just doesn’t sit right.

The rest of the way however, the album is a proper foot tapper. It has the makings of producing a great band once future albums come on the horizon, but in order to get that you need a ray of sunshine. Nine out of eleven rays isn’t too bad and more than enough to create a shining new dawn for a really decent Seattle rock four-piece. They’re well worth a listen and I look forward to seeing how their next body of work stacks up against an impressive debut record.


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