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Written by: PP on 25/01/2014 12:52:51

As a reviewer it is your job to find the positives and negatives of each release and the communicate these to your readers. It is extremely rare to run into a release where you don't have anything positive to say about the band whatsoever, let alone several releases like this by the same band, but that is very much the case with the Copenhagen based Danish metal band Haltefanden. Their 2009 EP "Naar Man Taler Om Trolden..." was simply awful, so you'd think in four years the band would take the criticism and improve every aspect of their sound at least a little bit? None of that has happened. "Glubsk EP", their third releases as a unit, is still terrible to the extent where it's probably time to hang up the instruments and think about doing something else than writing more music.

Let's start with the vocals. These are atrociously bad. Just listen to the opening track "Glubsk", there isn't a single moment where any of the singing or shrieking resembles anything you would even remotely want to put on a studio recording. Other than that, the song itself is totally anonymous Danish metal without any interesting characteristics whatsoever. Sure, two-thirds in the song breaks into thrash metal and there is a brief moment where we're fooled into thinking here's a riff that could become something, but those thoughts quickly evaporate as the song progresses forward. The female vocals present on "Syg Geometri" sound like something from an extremely weak gothic metal release, before we again break out into thrashy, albeit completely anonymous metal again. The songwriting is at such an unbelievably bad level throughout the EP that it becomes difficult to believe why the band would invest their own, hard-earned money into recording anything, let alone making it public.

Moreover, the instrumentals noticeably loose and lack proper timing, so there really isn't anything we can latch onto that would reflect positively on the band. This stupidity needs to stop, so here's a grade to reflect that.


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Release date 07.09.2013

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