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Never the darlings of music critics, hardcore/metalcore fusionists Throwdown are at it again on their seventh album "Intolerance", which steers their sound back towards their roots and away from the groove metal of Pantera and Lamb of God that was the dominant factor on their last couple of albums. They are thus returning back to the down-tuned, testosterone-driven chug-chug hardcore that is championed by Hatebreed and Terror among others, that is, a virtually identical sound that's difficult to distinguish from other like-minded bands in the genre.

It's both a good and a necessary change, because as groove metallers Throwdown were never a match to the much bigger ands in the genre. Instead, this bang-your-head style, violence-driven hardcore with its muscular, beefy sound is exactly what Throwdown are good at, albeit it's not going to give them much critical acclaim of course. The highlight track of the album, "Defend With Violence", basically tells you immediately whether you should be listening to this record with its opening lyrics roared out with fists in the air:

"DEFEND WITH VIOLENCE! The truth, and what is right. I WILL DEFEND WITH VIOLENCE! Our honor, our way of life."

Bring on the camo shorts, brutalized mosh pits, and fists-in-the-air driven chant-alongs at most live venues whenever Throwdown brings their macho hardcore around. It's most definitely monotonous and one-dimensional even by the most objective of measures, yet Dave Peters' dominant vocal delivery makes the songs tolerable - even good - whenever he places his confrontational lyrics in perfect positions within the songs in order to create most violence possible in the pit. Still, as a critic it's difficult to ignore the fact that this is virtually identical to Hatebreed, Terror, and any other band that follows the testosterone-driven hardcore style. That is of course the point in this genre, but it leaves hair-thin margins of error between what is considered genre-defining (Terror) and what is considered merely decent (Hatebreed, this Throwdown record). If you're looking to flail your fists around, mosh your life away, and chant unity/honor style lyrics at sweat venues consisting of 95% men, Throwdown's new record should suit all your needs. As a previous fan of the record, you'll be glad to know it's probably better than either of the two that came before it, making it their best album in almost ten years. Everyone else, steer clear, "Intolerance" won't be for you.


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Release date 21.01.2014
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