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Written by: PP on 05/02/2014 19:59:00

Still a couple of 2013 releases to go; it's that time of the year where new releases haven't properly kicked in yet so it's an opportune time to look back at those albums we may have missed. One of these is "Knots", the sophomore release by the Derby, UK-based Crash Of Rhinos, a beautiful mesh of 90s style emo, indie rock, math rock, and post-hardcore in a rich soundscape that has a little bit of everything to make it difficult to categorize.

Instrumentally, the record blends together the light emo/alternative vibes together with intricacies from math rock, which immediately brings to mind bands like Castevet and This Town Needs Guns. At the same time, the soaring vocals are left halfway scratchy and thus full of character, best exemplified in the brilliant "Interiors" where the vocals absolutely explode into the soundscape, recalling Crime In Stereo in the process. When supplemented by the technical, yet light guitar flavors and lower-end distortion in the rhythm guitar section, this is one of those songs that truly defines a band's sounds. Similarly, "Impasses" with its complex melodies recalls the post-rock and indie-flavored punk of Castevet, making it another landmark track that suggests Crash Of Rhinos are criminally underrated compared to their songwriting ability.

"Knots" is loud and abrasive when it needs to be, bringing forth a cacophony of technical melody, distortion, and even screaming. But it also spends considerable lengths in post-rock tranquillity, math rock intricacies, and generally tranquil moods and atmospheres. This variation instrumentally makes the record interesting, the scratchy, Bear Vs Shark inspired vocal work makes it awesome. One of the hidden gems from 2013.


Download: Impasses, Interiors, Luck Has A Name
For the fans of: Castevet, Bear Vs Shark, This Town Needs Guns, Wavelets
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Release date 27.08.2013
Topshelf Records

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