O3, A Trilogy Part II

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Dominici is a name many Dream Theater fans will utter in deep admiration and gratefulness. It was him who sang the almost sacred verses of Dream Theater's 1989 debut album "When Dream And Day Unite", a monster of an album which many declare to be one of the most successful debut albums of all time. Since his exit from Dream Theater however, James Dominic has been busy with a number of projects, and as of late, his solo project carrying his family name, an ambitious attempt to create an overwhelmingly complex concept trilogy spanning over three albums, of which this one "O3, A Trilogy - Part II" is the second one.

I am unable to comment about the concept however, because entering into the story in the middle of it without having heard the beginning is always a tough one, and thus I'll leave that part for more knowledgeable reviewers to do. Musically though, "Part II" is a distressingly complicated piece of art, full of progressive rock/metal wankery from the piano interludes to the sophisticated but beautiful vocal work fitted almost in perfection to each track. The guitars are mindnumbing, the thought of having to compose such incredible progressions and time singature changes, let alone the solos, just does not fit into my mind. Thus I have no option but to praise the band instrumentally, because as musicians, they are among the very best in the entire world, and the music they compose is pure art. One only needs to look at "The Cop" or "School Of Pain" to note how effortlessly the band delivers the constant soloing and fits the music together in an incredibly well thought out manner.

But in the end, doesn't every single progressive rock album do the same to you? Doesn't each song you hear in this genre last just that extra three or four minutes too long to capture your attention span completely? I suppose it is an acquired taste, but even without being a fan of the genre it should be easy to appreciate the amazing masterpieces bands like Opeth and Dream Theater have written in the past. And essentially, this is the problem with many progressive releases including Dominici's, that they sound too much alike to either one of those two heavyweights in the scene. There are very few bands in the genre who capture their own sound, and when Dominici sounds almost note by note like Dream Theater, it's easy to listen to the music and feel rather tiresome and think 'I've heard this all before'. Instrumentally this is a masterpiece, but it is too stale and unoriginal for me to give it any higher grade than a


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For the fans of: Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Spock's Beard
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Release date 26.02.2007
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