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If you've ever been to High Voltage, the premiere rock'n'roll club in Copenhagen, you'll have seen a band more or less identical to TurboChild on stage mostly on any given weekend of the year. Because the mainstream media in Denmark has basically ignored all and any developments in the underground music scene, focusing only on the 70s and 80s hit material, the end result is that 95% of Danish rock bands sound like TurboChild: like washed out Guns N' Roses worship bands. You can't blame them, because they haven't had the chance to be influenced by something more current and more relevant, but unfortunately you can't award points for not being in the know either.

The Århus-based band's four-track debut EP is simply called "TurboChild", and you'll find on it old school, riff driven classic rock that mostly finds its inspiration in Guns 'N Roses and others like them. Locally, L.A. Collection and really almost any rock'n'roll band in the country sound like this, albeit their vocalist does share a slightly similar style to Scott Weiland in his Stone Temple Pilots years. Not as grungy, but there are at least hints of the 90s found in the otherwise 70s/80s dominated sound. Basic riffs, a rowdy atmosphere, and sleeveless denim-flavored sound overall. Yawn. Originality is an alien galaxy, just like relevancy. When you basically sound like a classic rock cover band on your originals, things aren't going too well for you.

What's interesting is that very recently we saw a Danish record that finally realized everything that's wrong with the extremely saturated rock'n'roll scene in Denmark and pointed it out with a tongue-in-cheek, yet attitude-driven EP. This band is Förtress and that EP is "Legends". Listening to that record straight after TurboChild's makes you realize this EP is exactly the sort of material that "Legends" was made to rebel against. The contrasts are stark: innovation vs stale, fun vs boring, original vs uninspiring. But all that being said, it's not that TurboChild are a terrible band. Their only problem is that there are literally five thousand bands like them in Europe alone who all sound identical - to succeed you really need to be more original to stand out.

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For the fans of: Stone Temple Pilots, Guns 'N Roses, L.A. Collection
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Release date 04.10.2013

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