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Straight out of the Warsawan studios in Poland, the quartet Mothernight aka "she who hears the weeping world" has just recently released their self-titled debut album associated with the well-known Locomotive Records. As a mixture of industrial heavy rock with Gothic metal tendencies, the band seems like a prominent addition to an already rapidly growing metal scene with so many stylistic diversities. However, lets dig six feet under this ensemble and see if they really are as unique as they say.

"Mothernight" starts out with the welcoming track "My Pain", whereof the title already sets of my cliché alarm, but I gave it a chance to prove it's worth. Well, I'll cut to the slack already and give you the results. It's more or less a so-so track that lacks originality and an overall catchiness, especially because of the dry, almost slacky performance by their guitarist Deimos. You don't really experience any innovation or attempt at creating something entirely special in order to define the style of the band, but that's a general obstacle for many debut bands out there, so it's fully understandable. On the other hand, the track clearly marks out the voice of Freya, which positively matches the whole Gothic heavy rock style in a pleasing way. Great choice, even though her style of singing isn't anything almighty different than the voice of Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil.

The whole musical progress of the album seems to become a little monotonic and predictable from the beginning to the end, but there are still some interesting riffs and rhythms that catch the ear for a moment every now and then. Take a track like "Another Chance" with its promising acoustic riff and great industrial ending, or "Illumination" with its characteristic guitar screeches throughout the whole track. But when you, as a listener, get this feeling of boredom and rather wanting to smack on something mind blowing instead then it's a bit disappointing to conclude, that "Mothernight" lacks an intense amount of energy. Well, Freya's got it, but the rest of the band seems to slumber in practically all of the tracks. And don't you hide and tell me that heavy industrial just sounds like that, machines can work at speeds way faster than 60 bpm! When tieing up all the ends together, Mothernight still has a long journey of serious musical soul-searching in front of them, but I see some interesting potential in Freya's voice. Put some energy into it and don't be afraid to live up a little! And try to work a little more on the titles. I know I'm being a feinschmecker, but with titles like "Someone To Feed On", "Waiting To Die" and "Resurrect Me", you just don't hype the expectations. I'll be seeing you again when you release a sequel.


Download: Another Chance, Illumination, My Pain
For the fans of: Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation and similar bloodsuckers.
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Release Date 08.05.2007
Locomotive Records
Provided by Target ApS

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