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Come On Die Young, or Cody as the Copenhagen based project more casually goes by, has received some buzz in the national media this week for their sophomore album "Windshield". The release comes at the heels of performances at Spot and Roskilde Festivals among others, so it's only natural there's interest in the group's new offerings, which has received critical acclaim almost across the board. Stylistically, Cody play a mixture of folk, indie rock, and P3 styled pop 'rock', but attempt to give the style more depth via slightly more progressive song structures, and heavy experimentation with various elements across the soundscapes.

For starters, there are relaxed orchestrals on the background in some songs, while others are merely piano-driven, but common to all is a minimalistic approach led by their vocalist, whose soothing vocals give the already quiet soundscape an extra element of tranquillity. It's simple, but fairly effective in songs like "Rotterdam", whose quiet melancholia woos you over, or on "The Medic Blues", which is a more upbeat track led by a simple acoustic guitar that could almost take you to Oasis days if it wasn't for the folk approach utilized here instead.

But aside from the obvious highlights, there are a lot of bland tracks that are just quiet and folksy without really ever going anywhere. These are the ones that drag Cody's overall rating down, because the best tracks are soulful and full of depth that should make them appealing beyond merely radio waves. "Midnight" is one of these, "Into The Night" is another. More consistency is needed.

Download: Rotterdam, The Medic Blues, The Picture Of Everyone
For the fans of: Choir Of Young Believers, The Thrills, Kashmir,
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Release date 10.02.2014
Nordic Music / Slow Shark Records

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