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Come Again

Written by: PP on 19/02/2014 22:44:41

Federal Unicorn is a rock band from Århus who have just released their debut album "Come Again" last week, which finds the band all over the map stylistically as they are struggling to find their identity. With driving, early 90s grunge rock as their primary inspiration, they explore a variety of other soundscapes on their album as well, none of which work anywhere nearly as well as their strict grunge rock material.

"Daddy Issues" clones Nirvana's "In Utero" sound early on perhaps a little too obviously, while "Play Like Kids" references the golden early 90s era of the genre, here looking towards Stone Temple Pilots in its rowdy glory. "Blow Your Mind" then is more traditional rock'n'roll, and "Last Oh Sky" is also looking beyond the 90s in the same direction, here incorporating nuances of pop as well into the mix. Then you have other songs that are straight up pop, such as "Grasshoppers", which was clearly written with the radio stations in mind with its overtly simple rhythm and friendly, inoffensive tone. "B.I.N.Y" is a more soulful piece all of a sudden, and "Watch You" is a southern styled classic rock piece, whereas "Wise Boy" toys with funk rock with its plucked bass rhythms and all.

See what I mean? There's way too many different styles intertwining one another for "Come Again" to feel like a unified album. That being said, when they stick to straight up grunge they are clearly at their very best. The other styles feel a little shaky. Fortunately there's a focus on the rowdy material rather than the poppy, but it's still a little too inconsistent for the higher ratings.


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For the fans of: Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Pearl Jam
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Release date 10.02.2014
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