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Polish hardcore releases are not exactly a dime a dozen in these parts. Final Sacrifice is a young band from Poznan, Poland bent on changing that and delivering music to the rest of Europe with their newest EP “Follow”. The EP came out in November and is the second release from the band, the first being “Aspirations and Endeavours” from 2011.

“Follow” is a five-song EP with a run time of about fifteen minutes. There are only four actual songs here though, since the first track is a short and rather superfluous intro that contains a few strummed guitar chords and some indecipherable background singing vocals. It is a weak track that does not seem to lead anywhere and suddenly stops without really having offered anything. Off to a bad start here, but luckily it gets better. First real track “Barriers” comes out swinging with big melodic guitar licks and some tight drum work. Enter the vocalist at the 0:21 mark with deep growls that do not quite fit the instrumentation, and the melodic, energetic riffs would have been accompanied better by some highs. His vocals are decent but not great. Maybe it is just the production of the EP, but the vocals sound muddy and strained and his performance is just not powerful enough to truly stand out.

The four songs on “Follow” are decent metalcore/melodic hardcore songs that do not offer anything new or groundbreaking but are well written with fine guitar and drum work. At times they sound like something out of an August Burns Red record, other times more like Heart In Hand or Being As An Ocean. This is really the problem with this release, aside from the somewhat weak vocals, the band does not seem to have found its true identity yet, thus ultimately “Follow” comes off as somewhat mediocre and easily forgettable. The EP is a decent attempt for the Polish quintet who are still really at the early stages of their career and need to grow into their own, but the potential for something great is there.

Download: Barriers, Learn to Let Go
For The Fans Of: August Burns Red, I Killed the Prom Queen
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Release Date 31.10.2013

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