The Wakers

There Is Life In The Forsaken Woods EP

Written by: PP on 08/03/2014 18:24:49

The Wakers is a brand new post-hardcore band from Århus, Denmark, having formed only a couple of years ago to deal with the tragic loss of a family member in an accident. "There Is Life In The Forsaken Woods" is their introduction to the world in the form of five songs that sound like they've been primarily inspired by Refused's pioneering experimentalism with the genre, but without entirely ignoring modern references in the process.

The result is an interesting sound that dates back towards the early 2000s in post-hardcore before the compressed guitars and breakdowns became the trademark of the genre. Instead, we get desperation-driven screams, cleans that break into screams and vice versa, unpredictable spoken-word pieces embedded within stop-start instrumental sequences, and a general chaotic atmosphere. All of it resembles their national peers in Trusted Few a great deal, who regrettably called it a day last year after recording a couple of the best records to come out of Denmark in the genre.

The whole product is at a rather early stage at this point, however, which means the production is a little rough in places, and the songs need a little more work to stand out. The energy, the immediacy is there, but the songwriting needs some improvement.

Download: Rivers Pt 2, Hollow Resurrection
For the fans of: Refused, Boysetsfire, Trusted Few
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Release date 30.01.2014

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