The Royal We EP

Written by: PP on 12/03/2014 23:47:54

Someone's been listening to quite a bit of Red City Radio, have we? Seagulls from Atlanta have reached sophomore EP with "The Royal We", but the band basically sound like little brothers to the masters of shout-along punk rock from the basements. Not that we mind, because RCR is something we speak of highly in these circles, so to produce a short little EP that largely follows along the same lines is not going to count against them. Especially when you write songs that are as catchy as the five ones on offer here.

So think gravelly vocals, shout-along choruses, and infectious melodies that gain a great deal of character from the roared, edgy delivery of their vocalist Steve-Dave Johnson. It's a sound that exhibits honesty and passion throughout, which is also why the band probably doesn't give a shit that their sound is also very similar to the likes of Nothington, Bathurst and Nightlights. Not to mention countless others playing this type of melodically geared, rough-around-the-edges style punk rock that's basically what you get served at FEST annually at pretty much every other show.

"The Implication" is super catchy opener, where the attitude-driven vocals really come into their own. "Close One" is probably the most memorable track on the record, featuring buzzing guitars and solid melody-lines throughout. "F.F.M" is my least favorite on record because of its slightly darker sound, which leaves it less joyous than the bright riffs of, say, "Santa's Little Helper", which is also helped by an upbeat tempo and more rowdy vocals. In short, Seagulls might not be original at all on "The Royal We", but they play the roared punk exactly how you want it to be played. Good on them.

Download: The Implication, Close One
For the fans of: Red City Radio, Nothington, Bathurst, Nightlights
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Release date 07.03.2014
Autumn + Colour

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