Give Me A Big Smile EP

Written by: PP on 13/03/2014 00:22:28

Since I've just written about another Århus rock band Mud Shark, I might as well continue with Thunderboss from the same city, whose debut EP "Give Me A Big Smile" doesn't actually qualify our review criteria being only three songs, but I decided to give it a go anyway. They describe themselves ironically as 'new wave junkpunkbilly', while mentioning in their press release that the audience often ends up asking themselves "what the cowbell just happened here!?"

That part they definitely hit spot on, because their brand of rock'n'roll is extremely odd, and definitely fits underneath the experimental category. It has a slightly artsy and pretentious vibe, possibly due to the echoing production that leaves especially the vocals sounding weird in the mix, and that's not in a good way. They attempt to compensate with a high-energy approach to their whole soundscape, and by trying to out-weird themselves on for example "Dirty Mama", where the vocal performance is maniac to say the least, but unfortunately none of it works particularly well. The riffs aren't interesting, the vocal lines don't stick, and the three songs sound rather poorly written overall.

The press release continues to use phrases like 'awkward insecure dance moves', which actually is where the heart of the irony lies, because most of all Thunderboss sound as awkward as their frankly ridiculous name. Verdict? Reeks of a bunch of guys putting together a few songs and choosing to record the first three of them in the studio. Not at all ready for release to the public just yet.


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For the fans of: Talking Heads, Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys
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Release date 27.01.2014

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