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Hard rock as a genre has never faded away in Denmark as much as it has in other markets, hence the stream of new bands in that style is never-ending and predictable. The next band in line is Statement from Copenhagen, which features a few well-known faces from the Danish music scene, among them the ex-Pilgrimz drummer Niels Alex, who has taken a lead guitar role with his new band.

"Monsters" is the debut album by the group, a fairly generic and somewhat bland and forgettable entrance to the scene. We're talking American styled hard rock with crunchy riffs, slightly unclean vocals, and a few solos scattered here and there giving the record some much-needed spice. It's nothing you wouldn't have heard on a Stone Sour record in the past, though, so from the get go Statement are facing an uphill battle against much bigger (and in this case, better) American counterparts. Sure, a song like "Control" has a catchy chorus and with its slightly sleazy tone represents some of the better material on offer on this record, but it's a rarity on an album that's plagued by nothingsaying Metallica worship like "Childhood Dreams" that serves best as a reminder of why there aren't more bands out there who sound like Metallica. Spoiler alert: they'll make you sound amateurish in your composition.

That being said, it's not that "Monsters" is a bad album. The instrumentation is solid, production is good, and the songs are decent overall. It's just a very generic album in a genre that produces about a hundred albums just like it in any given year. It's missing the flair that would help it navigate through the saturated genre and highlight them as one of the better ones in it. On "Monsters", there are glimpses of such flair, but nowhere near enough to convince this scribe.


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Release date 17.03.2014
Mighty Music

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