Temple Of Plenty

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Somos is a brand new alternative rock band with touches of pop punk in their sound out of Boston. Their debut album "Temple Of Plenty" should immediately remind you of "World Record" by Lower Than Atlantis especially during the first three songs, which follow a highly similar melodic instrumental design and uplifting, bright melodies as the driving force of the songs. There are hints of modern emo in the mix -- particularly Taking Back Sunday comes to mind -- thanks to the youthful and exuberant delivery of vocalist Michael Fiorentino. Together with the upbeat melodies, his vocals add energy and a catchy pop element to the songs, making them stand out positively in a mass of like-sounding bands these days.

Think emotionally charged delivery, a strong usage of the quiet guitars / loud chorus dynamic, and a few infectiously catchy, polished passages in each song, and you're just about there. "Familiar Theme" opens the record precisely in that style, adding in a sense of melancholia that indeed feels like it could've been an extension to that LTA album I talked about above. "Domestic" sees an explosion of melodic vocals from the opening pitch, and then follows-through wave-after-wave of irresistible melody-lines both in the clean guitars and in the vocals. Later, "Lives Of Others" provides an album highlight. It's a simple melodically branded alternative rock track with nuances of pop punk in it, but yet it carries enough depth and a great chorus for it to have plenty of lasting value. That's a common theme throughout the record; the songs aren't exactly depth-laden in terms of the instrumentals or vocal techniques used, yet they feel like they have depth and thus leave a good impression on the listener.

But while the songs are all solid through and through, Somos are still missing a couple of true standout tracks that would elevate this album from being a good one into being a great one. The songs have a tendency of blending together because of their somewhat unvaried melodic tone, this while individually being catchy sing alongable tracks. In the end, "Temple Of Plenty" is a debut album though, so that is to be expected. It's a great start and I foresee their sophomore becoming a real breakthrough, "Temple Of Plenty" certainly suggests one of those is coming in the future.

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For the fans of: Lower Than Atlantis; Apologies, I Have None; Taking Back Sunday
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Release date 25.03.2014
Tiny Engines

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