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Written by: EW on 05/05/2014 13:21:35

Once much unto the breach, dear friends, once more into the realms of magic(k)al psychedelic doom, as if on some giant Roadburn hangover all I can review are records designed with that very festival in mind. Next up are Italian bunch The Wisdoom (could you tell they play doom?) with their rather good debut LP “Hypothalamus”, a new name to me after their four years of existence. Four songs, clocking in at 44 minutes means progress can be slow at times, but there is never any sense that the heavily-Yob influenced meanderings drag on needlessly as swirling synth sounds are well integrated with a clever usage of guitar effects and sparse vocal appearances to effectively fill the time even in the 15-minute “Delta”. I wouldn’t go so far as to say all elements within sound meticulously crafted and honed to the versions heard here but my common gripe against some of the more psychedelically influenced bands, whether that be in musical or substance-derived terms, that their compositions often fall into jamming territory is harder to level against The Wisdoom. Through the opening trio of “Alpha”, “Theta” and “Delta” the impending audial assault takes places in waves of riffs and feedback, morphing from the waves which smash the coast of “Alpha” mixed craftily in with more tranquil moments of reflection where Francesco Pucci’s ranging vocal deliveries of hoarse shout through to soaring cleans ensure the good ship never beaches itself upon land. It is not until closing track “Oneiron” where the mood shifts into a more introspective one, as the sunnier guitar chords played out by Pucci and Dario Iocca lend the track a post-metal vibe along the likes of Bossk with a lengthy instrumental section serving as a spirited, if slightly cumbersome, closer. Personally I would have preferred more of the heavy doom feel from earlier but the expressionism here gives ample opportunity for all members to make an impact with Daniele Neri’s bass lines in particular pushing through the murk to really take a leading role in driving the song forward while the guitars follow their own direction in the name of the ever-present psychedelic soundscapes.

As can frequently be the case when considering albums high on atmosphere and intrigue it doesn’t feel right to pick out any one song as a highlight when “Hypothalamus” is really best taken as one extended piece. If I must pick one piece though “Theta” would be it, with the opening clean chords reverberating against a background of spacey effects brooding an excellent depth before eventually, slowly, Neri and Luigi Costanzo on drums herald a paced riff perfect for head-nodding at some Dutch festival. All these aspects remind me of Yob, as if The Wisdoom are the European, and slightly less monolithic, cousin to the revered American trio. At 44 minutes “Hypothalamus” is cut at the right time to not linger too long and leave a lasting desire for more and more I will be interested to hear when the time comes. With further individualism the already prominent doomed psychedelia on display here should start to generate a recognised name for The Wisdoom, a challenge I look forward to hearing even against a burgeoning field of similarly minded acts nowadays.

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Release date 10.02.2014
Heavy Psych Records

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