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Written by: MN on 05/05/2014 23:08:22

Post-hardcore quartet Fine Fine Titans hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan and is fronted by Jennifer Bartlett and taking care of bass duties is her husband, Evan. Bashing the animal skins is Luke Pietscher and handling the axe is Dustin Posthuma. From the first initial listen, it is clear that Fine Fine Titans was described befittingly to me. Jennifer is a lady with some extremely powerful vocals on both the clean and harsh fronts and carries the collective effort seamlessly.

Their sound is uncompromising post-hardcore reminiscent of Finch and Sweden's Blindside but with hints of Deftones and Southern rock in the mix. There is a lot of gritty rebelliousness to the overall composition, which is also clear in Jennifer's lyricism. Production wise, i'm glad to see that a smaller band has ensured that the bass and drums gets calibrated correctly to carry the screeches and screams to penetrating effect. First track of the record is "Dance Of The Omega", a rib rattler where the bass line introduces a tasteful riff and eventually Jennifer screams her lyrics of revolution against the elite: "You're trying to drag us down. But you can't cage us anymore. We've broken the shackles and now. You can't bring us down anymore". This is a song that tells the story of a struggle that is alliterated through a canine protagonist, which is cleverly abstract. Tracks like "Fahrenheit Diaries" slows the tempo and allows for some clean guitars and more relaxing melodies. The song recalls the burning passion of love, and its subsequent fading like burning embers turning to ashes. "The Chauvinist" brings back the rebellious Jennifer and gives us one of the more angry songs with one of the most catchy choruses of this EP. "Hail Mary Hall Pass" is a viscious and rampant track which has plenty of tempo shifts and sharp riffs, and so much scizophrenic screaming it at times makes you dizzy, but that's a good thing.

Fine Fine Titans have plenty of potential to take on the world of post-hardcore, especially the vocalist has a force to be recognized. It does however not bring anything new to the table, but when it comes to bands that are still somewhat in their moulding stages, I can accept when bands decide to sound somewhat like other bands, the originality will perhaps unfold itself when they have become more established and thereby have more resources to work with. Otherwise, definitely worth a listen.

Download: Elipsis, Dance Of The Omega, Fahrenheit Diaries
For The Fans Of: Heart In Hand, Finch, The New Black

Release date 08.04.2014

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