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I’ve been keeping an eye out for Narcosatanicos for quite a while now. Actually, I’ve been monitoring them to such an extent that I mistakenly reviewed a collection of tracks on their bandcamp under the impression that they were an EP – simply because I felt the need to write something about them. After then blowing my mind at the recently held Copenhagen Psych Fest, Narcosatanicos finally released their much-anticipated debut full-length album – simply titled “Narcosatanicos”.

Opening this anticipated album, we find “Salt” – a track that comes terrifyingly close to the noise-rock antics of Suicide whilst combining it with a heavy inspiration doom metal and proto-punk. – A combination that, in itself, sounds quite forceful. The howling feedback, the distorted guitars, wailing saxophone parts and ominous vocals all mash up to form a strangely coherent piece of mass-cacophony that enthralls and repels the listener at the same time. These antics continue on “Voodoo Jesus”, albeit in an insanely brutal version that shows the listener that Narcosatanicos can easily change from slow and massive grooves to up-tempo rampages within just a few tracks.

Granted, Narcosatanicos have yet to capture that massive sound that signify their live performances, but even though this album only comes relatively close to it, it still gives off enough of an impression to make people want to put their hearing on the line whilst watching one of their shows. The playing on the album is not really overwhelmingly tight, nor is the production particularly polished. Naturally, this is exactly the way I figure Narcosatanicos want to sound, seeing as they do take quite a lot of inspiration from The Stooges, Suicide, Brainbombs and possibly some Electric Wizard.

With the title track, Narcosatanicos takes the listener on a musical journey through an all-encompassing, massively frightening bad trip that never really seems to end. It’s the sound of frenzied paranoia, twisted delusions and a sense of anarchy that makes the band amazingly hard to love, but even harder to hate. At times they convey a sound that can be described as the soundtrack to psychedelic horror movie, complete with all the swirling echo madness, fuzzy cacophony and outrageous dissonance that this would entail.

Narcosatanicos are on to something quite unique here, and if their recorded sound can come closer to capturing what they actually sound like live, then this band is destined to gain a devoted cult following. I doubt they’ll ever become a revered mainstream act, but then again I also highly doubt that it’s an ambition of theirs.


Download: Voodoo Jesus, Salt, Truckstop Prostitute, Narcosatanicos
For The Fans Of: Suicide, The Stooges, Spökraket, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Brainbombs

Release date 16.05.2014

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