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Written by: PP on 25/06/2007 03:35:14

I don't usually review records that have slipped past me around their release date simply because it would cause my already busy as hell review schedule to be filled up with hundreds of amazing records, and I wouldn't have time to focus on what's relevant right now. However, I do make exceptions, especially when I spot a particularly talented bunch of musicians, such as Stockholm, Sweden's Adjusted. I stumbled over their Myspace page by a pure coincidence since one of my best friends had gone to school with their bassist once, and sent me their Myspace link to check out, which got me so excited I had to ask the label for a review copy of their self-titled debut EP.

The seven-track EP is pretty much a wet dream for those who like their punk rock melodic but think Fall Out Boy has taken a step too far towards pop. Tracks like "Step 1" and "Silent Screams" have everything a true mid-90s punk rocker could wish for: the vivid 'punk rock drumbeat' giving great pace to the song, melodic powerchords, and a singer able to harmonize his clean vocals to the melodic guitar work perfectly. Then again, if you have heard a single No Use For A Name record before, Adjusted's debut EP will be familiar ground to you, as the aforementioned tracks sound like they were directly lifted of NUFAN's seminal albums "Making Friends" or "More Betterness!".

Although Adjusted's formula has been well tested in field-experiments in the decade before their EP, it never reaches a point where it would bother you as such, because tracks like "Survival Of The Fattest" are better than NUFAN have written for years. The problem with NUFAN has always been that they just seem to be writing the same song over and over again with different lyrics, but this doesn't seem to pose a problem for Adjusted. "When I'm Gone" is a great example of a band being able to halve their speed and still sound great, even if it does remind you of "Home From Home" era Millencolin.

In summary, Adjusted's debut EP portrays a sound that wouldn't feel out of place on Fat Wreck's or Burning Heart's roster. Hence it doesn't pose me a problem to claim that Adjusted's debut EP is an impressive display of punk rock energy and melody, and a great reminder for today's pop punk obsessed public what punk rock used to sound like in the mid to late 90s. It is undeniable how similar they sound to early-to-mid NUFAN and Millencolin, and as such, I feel compelled to reduce a few grades on originality. But it is also undeniable that they are an exciting melodic punk act with much potential. Lets just hope they won't end up repeating themselves like many others in the genre.


Download: Step 1, Silent Screams
For the fans of: No Use For A Name, Millencolin
Listen: Myspace

Release date 01.08.2006
Precore Productions

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