Surviving The Charade

We're Never Coming Home

Written by: LF on 28/06/2014 19:42:56

Melodic post-hardcore outfit Surviving The Charade from Sweden released their debut full-length "We're Never Coming Home" earlier this month and while it has its problems, it is certainly well-produced and should be an enjoyable listen for anyone who's into catchy hooks, dramatic electronics and layered screamed/clean vocals. They're not an entirely inexperienced bunch as they have previously released two EP's and toured extensively with, among others, their countrymen in Adept, whom they are not entirely unlike musically.

While extremely generic in their approach to the genre, the band brings a couple of important strengths to the table, the most obvious one being the very convincing hooks that are strewn across the choruses of the album. The way they succeed in mixing their melodic cleans with screams that are just imploding with energy is another. The composition that is probably my favorite one off the record, "Above The Skyline", is a prime example of these qualities, not least because of the way the screamer makes use of his voice to build momentum in the verses. In the most overtly dramatic of their songs, "Shout, Walls, Shout!", his controlled vocal tornados are contrasted sharply with a straightforward danceable chorus in a sudden transition that seemed almost comic to me the first couple of times I heard it.

However, it is this very precise execution of the different expressions in the music that is one of the most appealing things about the band. Their songs are very well-structured in a way that doesn't let one second go to waste, and the production only seems to lift this, providing just the right amount of energy to every part of their flow. As such, it is a decent debut. However, while I have been haunted by some of the more addictive hooks of the record, and while I might still enjoy one or two of the songs on it in the near future, the band will have to mix their sound up a bit if they're aiming for longevity in their music.


Download: Above The Skyline; The Diary of Frosty Jack; Shout, Walls, Shout!
For The Fans Of: Adept; Confide; Asking Alexandria; Oh, Sleeper; Attack Attack!

Release date 02.06.2014

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