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Written by: HES on 29/06/2014 01:40:14

Alright so Powersolo is probably the one Danish band I have yet to get my head wrapped around. Their weird song titles and crazy lyrics always leave me in a kind of "Are they kidding?"-kind of state. Back in 2004 the band had a major breakthrough with the super-weird single "Kat Nazer (Powersoul)" and have since then released three albums that in all possible ways escaped my radar. But yet here we are. Sixth studio album and that tells me Powersolo still has something they want to say. So let's have at it.

The musical stylings of Powersolo are very standard garage-inspired rock. The vocals are mainly produced with a shit-ton of echo and there's enough distortion on the pedals to go around. But honest to God, that is not what gets your attention. The band behind a CD called something as poetic as "It's Raceday...And Your Pussy Is GUT" have once again mastered the unique art form of making little to no sense with song titles such as "Jurassic Sex Party", "Two Headed Woman" (a serenade to a two headed woman) and "Milk That Thang".

Actually I think it's quite sad that this band is hiding behind a veneer of horrible jokes. Front-man and lead vocalist Kim Kix actually has a decent voice beneath all of it and musically the LP is completely listen-worthy. However, if I wanted to have grown up men make me uncomfortable like some of these lyrical topics do - I'd much rather get it in small doses on a local bodega instead of drowning in it for 14 songs straight. I get it. It's a concept. Powersolo is some kind of weird art concept. But I'm not an art reviewer - I'm a music reviewer and even though those borders do and should mix up, in this case it's just too weird for me to fall in love with. I find it interesting - but interesting makes for a hard reason to put a record on again and again and again.

Download: Sasquatch, Two Headed Woman, Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba
For the fans of: hipster indie rock that's slightly pretentious, atmospheric movie soundtracks
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Release date 19.05.2014

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