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Incomplete Me

Written by: BL on 01/07/2014 00:55:10

For All Those Sleeping have long since shed their pop punk metalcore similarities to A Day To Remember for something more fitting of contemporary metalcore/post-hardcore titans with ultra pop sensiblities on their surprisingly enjoyable previous album "Outspoken". Granted it was especially tough to sell the album's appeal outside of the closest genre circles, since it's strongest characteristics were basically an endless stream of insanely catchy choruses that easily glossed over the far more forgettable heavy side.

"Crosses" is so far so good as it continues For All Those Sleeping's good work in making the clean choruses every bit as memorable as the breakdowns and the chugging verses are not. The band is almost hilariously bi-polar, matching fantastic pop moments with the ugly that it's become an endearment to the band entirely at this point (think a combination of Secrets with That's Outrageous). Songs like "Poison Party" and can sound unforgivably generic at times and cheap with an abundance of group chants, token Manson-esque verses backed by tacky synths and samples, whilst album titled track "Incomplete Me" completely redeems the progression immediately with great sung parts and driving instrumentals.

Elsewhere, "Home" comes off initially as a bit too cliched and sappy yet "Hell or Heaven" featuring Jessica Ess is perhaps even more sentimental, but doesn't feel cheesy at all and has some really great hooks. This trend of filler then fantastic recycles itself over and over with "Sex, Drugs and Empty Souls" and "We're All Going To Die" being pretty unremarkable, but "My Funeral" and "Tomorrow" being the complete opposite with huge choruses and melodic breaks.

"Incomplete Me" is perhaps too true to its name. The album rises and falls like a rollercoaster - reaching some impressive highs, but then in equally short notice can drag you down with some pretty common shortcomings. It's too inconsistent to really recommend beyond For All Those Sleeping fans who should comfortably appreciate most of this album, yet it can also be worth taking a risk on if you're easy-going.


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For the fans of: Secrets, Memphis May Fire, That's Outrageous!
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Release date 23.06.2014
Fearless Records

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