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Ohio-based, post-hardcore/metalcore band Wolves at the Gate released its sophomore album “VxV” last month which is the follow-up to “Captors” from 2012. Both albums have been released on Solid State Records. The band was formed in 2008 and gained quite the following with the release of a couple of EPs and of course “Captors”, a following which no doubt will continue to grow with the release of this new record. Wolves at the Gate are a part of the American Christian metal/hardcore scene and this faith is a big part of their music. The band plays with a lot of conviction and tremendous energy that should appeal to fans of post-hardcore/metalcore, Christian or not.

After a spoken word intro about how Christ died for our sins, first song “Wake Up” explodes out of the speakers with vocalist Nick Detty’s brutal scream. He is assisted beautifully by guitarist and melodic vocalist Steve Cobucci, and the two complement each other perfectly, much like what was the case with the dual vocal stylings of Chamberlain/Gillespie in UnderOath. Detty screams with great passion and aggression and Cobucci’s melodic vocal performance has a raw quality that fits the music and keeps it from becoming boring or whiny. The song structures on the album are varied with some tracks based in melodic hardcore such as “Wake Up” whereas “Rest” has more of an indie-rock feel and “The Convicted” having a punk-rock vibe. Wolves at the Gate manage to play these styles and combine them into a post-hardcore mix which is their own. Not that are not other bands that do this as well, but this band does it exceptionally well without the music becoming pretentious or messy and the different elements are always at perfect balance.

The religious aspect is definitely a factor on the album considering how much it dominates the band’s lyrics. The love of God and finding solace in Christ takes up most of the lyrical content and the preaching does become a bit of a nuisance by the end. However, the energy and melodies on this album are so great that ultimately it does matter much. The band has a mission of lifting people through its music and message with lyrics like these from “Relief”: “All who are burdened and seeking respite. All of the hopeless, wretched and desperate. All who are worn out and feeling oppressed. Come in and find your rest.”. If faith in Christ motivates Wolves at the Gate to write great music, more power to them. And they do indeed do that.

Download: Wake Up, Dust to Dust, Relief, Wild Heart, The Convicted
For the fans of: The Overseer, UnderOath, Alexisonfire, The Almost, Thrice
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Release date 10.06.2014
Solid State Records

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